We're now Advising London



Welcome to our new name, and our new brand.

Why have we changed name?

We are constantly developing and adapting our services to meet the needs of the people we see.  In the past year alone we have:

  • Launched our new guided self-help centre to support people with less complex issues to help themselves.

  • Provided a dedicated ‘link-work’ service to assist particularly vulnerable clients more holistically.

  • Started delivering financial education to teenagers in South-London secondary schools.

  • Grown our email advice service to more efficiently meet the increasing demand for digital advice across London.

  • Explored contemporary research opportunities that are relevant to policy debates across London, that can influence change and also help us improve the services we deliver.

For a while now our focus has been on meeting the increasing demand for advice across London but also on exploring innovative ways to help people more broadly through projects and services that encourage wider groups of people to engage with advice services and to help prevent issues occurring in the first place.

People from all backgrounds and situations can find themselves out of a job. Relationships break down. Addiction takes hold. Family members die. Physical and mental health issues emerge. We need help.

Everyone needs advice sometimes, but not everyone knows where to get it.

Our services are relevant across the whole of London and there are many people who cannot easily access them. We do what we can to be where Londoners need us, and provide services that are relevant and innovative. For this reason we want to adapt and grow. Our Southwark Advice Hub is the flagship of our success and excellence and we aim to emulate this in other parts of London.

We have not been based in Blackfriars for 18 years, we provide so much more than just front-line advice, and we are now more than just a centre! Now is the time to change our name and brand to better reflect the direction we are heading.

Over the coming year we will be launching further projects and services, exploring business propositions and expanding our digital innovations. The first of which is our new Interpreting and Translating service Multilingual London.  Further information can be found here.

None of our core services are changing so please continue to use us exactly as you have previously. If you haven’t used our services before then have a look around our website, contact us, or visit our drop-in advice sessions.

If you want further information on our rebrand, or want to talk to us about opportunities for working together please contact us at info@advising.london.

Welcome to our new brand, watch this space at advising.london or visit us on Twitter at @AdvisingLondon.