Advising Communities

Sadly, Community Matters closed on 31st March for financial reasons. At Advising London we believe that advice to individuals goes hand in hand with advice to community organisations because without effective, legally recognised community groups and associations, individuals are less empowered to take action themselves to improve quality of life for themselves as well as their communities of place, interest and culture. That’s why Advising London has agreed to safeguard the essential advice and information services which help to support and develop organisations, their trustee boards, management committees, volunteers and workers. 

The new service, hosted by Advising London, will be called Advising Communities. It will continue offering members specialist legal and technical support to community organisations through the community consulting service, and will retain the current consulting team as well as the email advice service, information sheets, training and other practical tools.

No money has changed hands between organisations in the transition and that this is neither a takeover nor a merger. The membership model will be replaced with a simple subscription service, which means that voting rights and annual general meetings will be replaced by regular and responsive communications between Advising Communities and service users and members.

For full details of the new Advising Communities service go to